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Psalm 2:6 - As for me...

Nahum O'Brien on May 24, 2018

What then is so terrifying to them to which the LORD speaks?

As for me, I have set my King on Zion, my holy hill.
What is so terrifying to the nations who rage, the peoples who plot in vain, the kings who set themselves, and the rulers who take counsel together, all against the LORD and His Anointed? It is that the LORD has set Him, the Anointed, as King on Zion. The very one whom the nations, peoples, kings and rulers oppose occupies the place of sovereign authority. This King who rules on behalf of the LORD is their King. How terrifying that would be indeed! The LORD has done that which the enemy seeks to prevent. Albert Barnes notes, “The meaning is, he would speak to them in his anger, and say, ‘In spite of all your purposes and all your opposition, I have set my king on the hill of Zion.’” 
Note also that the LORD has established or set His King. The Hebrew word “set” denotes a pouring out or by analogy, to anoint. Thus, it is in keeping with the text to say the the LORD has established or set His anointed one as King on Zion. This was His King. This anointed King derived his appointment from the LORD and was specifically placed there to execute His purposes. Barnes concludes, "The truth taught in this passage is, that God will carry forward his own purposes in spite of all the opposition which men can make, and that it is his deliberate design to make his anointed One - the Messiah - King over all.”